Navajo County Jail

Navajo County Jail
Holbrook Jail & Show Low Jail

Jail Information: (928) 524-4350
Bail Bondsman: (928) 532-0878


Holbrook Jail Information

The Navajo County Jail is located in Holbrook, Arizona; a historic wild west town whose past is decorated with shootouts, hangings, cowboy gangs and classic feuds between ranchers and sheep growers. The Holbrook Jail is a 444 bed facility with an operating capacity of 350 beds. The jail also houses 44 Department of Corrections (DOC) inmates and 68 Bureau of Prison (BOP) inmates.

Most of the Sheriffs in Arizona have informative and well laid out websites; the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office is no exception.

Navajo County Jail
100 E. Code Talkers Drive
PO Box 668
Holbrook, Arizona 86025
(P) (928) 524-4350
(F) (928) 524-4773

Navajo County Jail Visitation

The Navajo County Detention Center offers three visitation options:

Video Visitation:

Onsite Visitation:

  • On-site visits are conducted at the New Jail Visitation Building located on the north end of the facility from 8:30 am – 7:30 pm, 7 day/week.

Remote Visitation:

  • All visits must be scheduled by going to or by visiting the New Jail Visitation Lobby Kiosk. Visits may not be scheduled by phone.

General Info: (928) 524-4450
Old Jail lobby: (928) 524-4123
New Jail Lobby: (928) 524-4229

Navajo County Inmate Housing

The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office publishes a convenient on-line database of Navajo County Inmates housed at the Navajo County Jail in Holbrook. The database is updated every three hours.

General Info: (928) 524-4450

Bail by Phone

We can handle long distance transactions for those who are unable to come to Holbrook, AZ; we accept cash, credit cards, MoneyGrams, wire transfers, and deposits. Feel free to call us for general information on an inmate’s bond and charges.

Full Service
We are a full service bail bond company accepting most major credit cards and offering flexible collateral requirements, see more.

Bail Bond Process
To learn about the bail bond process or to find out what we will need to bail someone out of jail, read our bail bond process page.

Putting Money on Inmate’s Books

Inmates are able to purchase food, personal hygiene items, paper, stamps, envelopes and clothing from the jail commissary. Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Orders may delivered in person to the new or old visitation lobby. You may also send Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks through the mail made payable to the inmate; however, no personal checks are accepted.

To place money on an inmate’s account by credit card, please visit the Access Corrections website or call 1-866-345-1884.

To order commissary gift packages for an inmate, please visit the Access SecurePak website.

To set up a Prepaid Phone Account for an inmate, please visit the Value-Added Communications website or call V.A.C. at 1-800-913-6097.


The jurisdictional area of Navajo County Jail includes the following towns and communities.

Holbrook, Winslow, Show Low, Snowflake, Taylor, Pinetop, Lakeside, Lake of the Woods, Linden, Heber, Overgaard, Pinedale, Shumway, Woodruff, Joseph City, Lisitzky Subdivision, Sierra Plaza Subdivision, Silver Creek, Snowflake, Sun Valley, Woodruff, Zeniff, White Mountain Lakes Estates, Wagon Wheel.

Individuals arrested on the Navajo, Hopi, or Apache Reservations are subject to Tribal Courts, laws, and jails.

Navajo County Jail Initial Court Appearance

Initial appearances (IAs) are held at the Navajo County Jail within 24 hours of a person’s arrest. Those arrested with misdemeanor charges may be bonded out prior to their IA. Those arrested on Felony charges are not bondable until their IA. Defendants typically appear before the Judge via video transmission at the jail or in person at the Court.

Show Low Jail Annex

The Show Low Jail, also known as the Annex, is a temporary holding facility for arrests made in the White Mountains of Navajo County. People arrested in Show Low, Heber, Overgaard, Pinetop and Lakeside are held temporarily at this facility until their initial appearance hearing and then are transported to Holbrook – the main jail in Navajo County. Show Low Jail inmates may be bailed out prior to transport to Holbrook; time is short, so if you are attempting to post bail, you must do so quickly.

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